Look Before You Book

Basic charter bus research can help avoid hiring the wrong company

There are thousands of charter bus companies to choose from in the U.S.

That’s the good news. It’s also the bad news.

With so many choices, how can you be sure you’re selecting a reliable charter bus provider? Here are 3 ways to “kick the tires” of a charter bus company before you buy.

3 ways to evaluate a charter bus company

  1. Look for “trust signals” on their website. A good rule of thumb is this: Quality charter bus companies often have quality websites. By “quality” we mean:

    • A good “Request a Quote” function that’s accurate and fast.
    • An “About Us” section that shares the number of years the company has provided service, company leadership, staff information, core values, and so forth.
    • “Service from experts” that connects you to a human being who is trained to answer questions and solve problems.

  2. Ask tough questions. Established charter bus companies have learned from experience, and they should be ready to share their knowledge. Some examples of questions to ask:

    • What are the safety and maintenance protocols for vehicles?
    • In the event of a breakdown, medical emergency, or serious weather event, what are the procedures the company follows?
    • How are drivers trained - and will your driver be experienced in handling the type of trip or event for which you’re arranging transportation?

  3. Check safety records. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains a good website with safety tips and safety records of many charter bus companies. Some of their evaluation criteria include:

    • Unsafe driving
    • Crash records
    • Compliance with regulations
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • Driver history

If you’re planning a trip or just doing research, please feel free to contact us at Lorenz Bus Service for a no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with one of our planning professionals.