The Lorenz 42 Passenger Transit Shuttle Bus

Lorenz Transit Shuttle Buses are the ideal vehicle for moving large groups. In fact, each year, in twelve days, these buses transport more than one million people to and from the Minnesota State Fair. With two doors for quick loading and unloading, and handrails for standing passengers, these buses are made to handle large groups and fluctuating ridership in the most efficient way possible.

Our large fleet of Transit Shuttle Buses is available year round for large events, contract service and individual charters. They offer:

  • Seating for 42 passengers
  • Standing room for any additional passengers
  • Central air and heating
  • ADA wheelchair lift
  • Front and rear doors

Transit Shuttle Buses are an efficient and cost effective means of transportation for large events, parking lot shuttles, and short in-town transfers. Although more costly than school buses on a per bus basis, transit buses tend to gain cost efficiencies over school buses due to their ability to move large numbers of people quickly.