Safety & Training

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Safety is a top priority for Lorenz Bus Service, and Lorenz’s training and maintenance program reflects the importance placed on it. Employees and drivers are kept abreast of changing federal, state, and local regulations through continuous education, and they receive training workshops frequently. These activities have allowed Lorenz Bus Service to maintain one of the best safety records possible.

In accordance with the Minnesota and Federal Department of Transportation regulations, Lorenz drivers are not allowed to drive over 10 hours or be on duty for over 15 hours following 8 consecutive hours off duty.

For extended trips, Lorenz Bus Service uses a cutoff driver or team drivers. Using a cutoff driver involves sending a driver ahead of the bus the night before by car or airplane. To use a team driver, we would install a sleeper birth, or a bunk, into the bus, and this reduces the bus capacity by 6 passengers, in most vehicles. Drivers would alternate driving throughout the trip based on the Department of Transportation regulations.

Depending on trip characteristics, we will determine which option best suits your travel needs.