About Lorenz Bus Service

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Lorenz Bus Service, with headquarters in Minneapolis St Paul, is the largest charter bus rental and shuttle transportation management company in Minnesota.

Since 1945, we have earned a reputation of being unmatched at providing premium vehicles staffed by skilled drivers. We are recognized for delivering the highest standard of customer service and being capable of accommodating the most discerning patrons.

Our extensive experience in meeting a variety of client needs ranges from managing large scale shuttle projects, like the Minnesota State Fair, to providing recurring transportation for a majority of the professional sports teams visiting the Twin Cities. We’re well positioned to handle any charter bus or motor coach or shuttle transportation project that comes our way.

Our Staff

Two Lorenz charter bus employees

Lorenz Bus Service is made up of a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, ideas, and experiences. Our corporate culture fosters a sense of teamwork, creativity, and collaboration that allows our skilled professional team to support you in achieving all of your transportation objectives.

In addition to drivers and mechanics, our team includes accomplished human resources recruiters, attentive charter sales people, experienced safety and training personnel, knowledgeable dispatchers, wash technicians, logistics and planning project managers, and an in-depth accounting department.

From the date you first inquire about potential service until your event has been successfully completed, you can be assured you will have the right people assisting you every step of the way.

Our Drivers

Lorenz charter bus driver

Drivers play one of the most prominent roles in the delivery of our service. They load luggage, they help passengers on and off buses, they interact with everyone and, most importantly, they drive our customers to their final destination safely.  

Lorenz Bus Service has over 150 full time or part time drivers. As is true with most reputable charter bus companies, each Lorenz driver receives periodic safety, operational, and service training.

Due to the wide range of driver personalities, experiences, skill sets, and preferences, we understand that one of the most important factors for a successful trip is that we match each customer with the right driver. For example, a driver who is accustomed to driving children to summer camp might not be the best choice to pick up a professional football team at the airport. However, in all instances our drivers are mindful first and foremost about customer service and safety. This is what sets Lorenz Bus Service apart from competition.

Our Mechanics

Lorenz mechanic working on a charter bus

Lorenz’s maintenance procedures and practices are a significant part of the company’s positive safety record. The leadership of our mechanical team has deep equipment knowledge combined with many years of experience at Lorenz Bus Service. A Lorenz bus will not go on the road without the Lorenz maintenance department indicating that it is okay to do so. The company has a team of full time mechanics ranging from service technicians to engine rebuilders.