Cleaning and Maintenance

Vehicle Cleanliness

Charter Bus Cleaning

According to the United Motor Coach association, one of the most common complaints by bus and motor coach passengers is that the bus they rode on was not clean. Don’t worry about that. We place a special emphasis on cleaning our buses and every type of vehicle in our fleet.

At Lorenz Bus Service, the job of our wash technicians is one of the more important ones. After each trip, our wash technicians assist motor coach operators in thoroughly cleaning our buses.

Each bus has its toilet cleaned, refilled with solvent, and is run through our state-of-the-art wash machine. Simultaneously, our bus detailers clean the interiors to a spotless shine.

You’ll be happy you chose Lorenz Bus Service.

Vehicle Maintenance

Lorenz charter bus mechanic

The Lorenz preventive maintenance program includes, but is not limited to, continuous chemical analysis of all bus fluids for early warning signs of wear or internal parts issues. Also, drivers conduct mandatory pre-trip inspections as a part of their routine. Each driver completes a DVIR, a form that details bus safety components and the condition of the equipment before, during, and after each trip. Maintenance personnel use the DVIR forms to repair and correct any issues that may have surfaced during the course of a charter trip.

Full service inspections are conducted by Lorenz mechanics on all motor coaches at half the interval time prescribed by normal factory recommended standards; this assures that vehicles have service inspections performed twice in a customary maintenance period. Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections are conducted annually in compliance with DOT regulations and each vehicle is marked with a current Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) sticker. Lorenz is an authorized and approved USDOT, MNDOT and ADA inspection station.

Information obtained from DVIRs, preventive maintenance schedule data, and periodic scheduled maintenance input is entered into and tracked by Lorenz’s custom database software. This provides ready access to all maintenance records for any vehicle.

In addition to these safety measures, many of Lorenz’s coach buses are equipped with Zonar capability, which is a vehicle monitoring system that uses radio frequency identification tags (RFID). These tags are placed on critical inspection points of a bus and this allows us to monitor pre-trip inspections as well as vehicle location and traveling speed. Zonar employs a handheld device for reading the RFID’s.