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When to book a charter bus trip

When should I actually book a charter bus trip?

Lead times vary. Here’s what to consider. According to the American Bus Association, there are approximately 1,566 charter bus operators in the United States, and almost 89% of these bus companies have 24 vehicles or less in their fleet. While there are a few national brands like First Student and Greyhound, most charter buses are […]

Guthrie Theater

Hidden Gems: Overlooked School Field Trips

5 Minneapolis-St Paul School Field Trip Ideas Teachers know the “usual suspects” when it comes to planning a school trip in the MSP area (The Science Museum, etc.). But here at Lorenz Bus Service we’ve been planning and executing charter bus field trips in the MSP area for decades, and we want to remind everyone […]

Group of Lorenz Charter Buses

Look Before You Book

Basic charter bus research can help avoid hiring the wrong company There are thousands of charter bus companies to choose from in the U.S. That’s the good news. It’s also the bad news. With so many choices, how can you be sure you’re selecting a reliable charter bus provider? Here are 3 ways to “kick […]

Lorenz Charter Bus Driver in Minneapolis

Select the Right Driver for a Charter Bus Trip

Select the Right Driver for a Charter Bus Trip When it comes to charter bus drivers, many if not most customers simply take what they get. In our view, this is a missed opportunity. Drivers can add significantly to a charter bus trip depending on their experience, attitude, personality, and knowledge. All it takes to […]

Lorenz Charter Bus in front of charter bus destinations near the Twin Cities

Home Sweet Charter Bus Home

7 charter bus destinations departing from the Twin Cities If you live in or around the Minneapolis St Paul region and have ever wanted to get out of town on a 1-day charter bus excursion, this blog’s for you. Sometimes residents forget that here in Minnesota we have numerous attractions, natural wonders, and vibrant cities […]

Lorenz Charter Bus seats

How to sleep on a charter bus

How to sleep on a charter bus Some people can fall asleep right away on a charter bus trip while others struggle to doze off. And sometimes being able to rest while traveling on a charter bus trip can have a huge impact on your energy, mood, and attitude. That’s why we at Lorenz Bus […]

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