Select the Right Driver for a Charter Bus Trip

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Select the Right Driver for a Charter Bus Trip

When it comes to charter bus drivers, many if not most customers simply take what they get.

In our view, this is a missed opportunity. Drivers can add significantly to a charter bus trip depending on their experience, attitude, personality, and knowledge.

All it takes to zero in on the right one is a few well-informed questions directed to the charter bus company you’re considering hiring. Here’s what we at Lorenz suggest you ask to get a driver with the right fit.

How to find the perfect charter bus driver

Experience. This qualification refers to the number of years behind the wheel, the number of times the driver has driven the particular route or destination you’re planning on, and the length of time he or she has worked for the company. Experienced drivers tend to be calm, careful, and good decision makers who know traffic and parking laws and regulations. They also can add value by being tour guides who enrich the experience for passengers.

Personality. We at Lorenz always ask about the type of group that’s going on the trip. Serious corporate excursions may require a quieter, more serious driver. Outings to sports events can be made even more fun if the driver is also a fan. The company you choose should be ready to have a conversation about the type of group that’s getting on the bus, because their driver sets the tone.

Communication. Good charter bus drivers know how (and when) to make contact with charter group leaders. Ask your charter bus company if the driver they recommend has good communication skills (good listener, courteous tone, prompt responder, clear speaker, etc).

Punctuality. Being on time (or early) is essential, and most professional charter bus drivers will be 10-15 minutes early to allow for loading passengers, luggage, and coordinating with the group’s leader. If they’re late, the group leader should receive prompt notification. Granted, drivers aren’t in control of traffic, but before hiring a charter bus company it’s reasonable to ask if drivers are instructed to arrive early.

Discipline. This characteristic might also be called “professionalism,” but the point is that charter bus drivers are trained to execute their job in a certain way according to certain rules. For example, drivers cannot drive more than 10 consecutive hours. Driving in a four-bus convoy requires that certain safety standards are observed. Unruly passengers who break the rules need to be addressed effectively. It takes discipline. Make sure your driver has it.

If you’re planning a trip or just doing research, please feel free to contact us at Lorenz Bus Service for a no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with one of our planning professionals.