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7 charter bus destinations departing from the Twin Cities

If you live in or around the Minneapolis St Paul region and have ever wanted to get out of town on a 1-day charter bus excursion, this blog’s for you.

Sometimes residents forget that here in Minnesota we have numerous attractions, natural wonders, and vibrant cities within driving distance. So, for anyone seeking one or multiple charter bus trips, allow us to refresh your memory with these great destinations.

Lake Minnetonka

To the west, Lake Minnetonka is 30 miles away. It offers a great scenic charter bus getaway. Enjoy a leisurely boat cruise on the lake, explore charming lakeside towns like Wayzata and Excelsior, and indulge in waterfront dining.


Situated on the banks of the St. Croix River only 27 miles to the east, Stillwater is a historic town known for its charming Main Street and picture postcard riverfront. Explore the boutique shops, enjoy a riverboat cruise, and visit the Stillwater Lift Bridge.

Red Wing

Along the Mississippi River, Red Wing is a delightful small city just 50 or so miles from the Twin Cities area, known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Charter tours can include the iconic Red Wing Shoe Store and Museum, hiking at Barn Bluff, and the charming downtown area.

New Ulm

Anyone who has gone 95 miles or so southwest from Minneapolis St. Paul to New Ulm knows that it’s a town with rich German heritage. Charter bus tours might visit Schell's Brewery and the Hermann Heights Monument.

Taylors Falls and St. Croix Falls

Situated on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, 53 miles to the northeast, these twin cities offer stunning river views, scenic hiking trails, and the renowned Interstate State Park. Take a boat tour along the St. Croix River or go hiking in the beautiful surroundings.

Eau Claire

Eau Claire, Wisconsin is a vibrant city known for its arts and culture scene, is about 90 miles east of Minneapolis St Paul. A charter tour might take your group to visit the Chippewa Valley Museum and scenic Phoenix Park, before enjoying live music performances at one of the local venues.


Heading southwest from the Twin Cities, it’s about 80 miles to Mankato, a lively city along the Minnesota River. Discover the natural beauty of Minneopa State Park, explore the fascinating exhibits at the Blue Earth County Historical Society, and stroll along the charming streets of Old Town.

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