Corporate charter bus travel

How to plan a charter bus experience for your company

When you’re in charge of choosing a charter bus company to handle corporate travel, there’s a lot riding on your decision, so to speak.

Your selection of a charter company will be a reflection on you, and each passenger will judge the trip in part by their charter bus experience.

Lorenz Bus Service is an expert in serving corporate clients, and we’d like to share these planning pointers with corporate travel planners and anyone who has the job of selecting a charter bus partner for corporate travel.

Start by defining your requirements

Begin with these basics:

  • Group Size. Even if it’s a range of passengers, determine the total number of employees or participants. Your vehicle decision depends on it.
  • Travel distance and duration. Does the charter company’s fleet have vehicles to handle the trip? Do they have experience with trips to your destination?
  • Amenities and creature comforts. The top ones: W-fi. Power outlets. Reclining seats. Air conditioning. And last but certainly not least, onboard restrooms.
  • Luggage and storage space. Estimate vehicle capacity versus passenger luggage needs. And remember, day trips will obviously require less luggage than overnight outings.

Know the company you keep

There are lots of charter bus companies out there. You’ll find varying standards for training, vehicle maintenance, service, safety, and levels of experience. Do your own research and your own thinking.

  • Websites. Visit the websites of charter bus companies and dig into their background. Read testimonials. Look at the About Us section. Review their online booking functions. Do they seem like an easy company to work with?
  • Online reviews. Check social media and other online travel review platforms to gauge the experiences of other corporate clients who have used the services of the charter bus company.
  • Licenses and insurance. As you develop a short list of possible providers, check for necessary licenses, permits, and insurance coverage.

Safety and maintenance

To protect your travelers – and yourself – be sure to check into the charter company’s safety standards. It’s an important part of making a sound decision.

  • Records. For example, information regarding their driver training and certification processes. Also, Better Business Bureau records can be useful.
  • Vehicle maintenance. Legitimate charter companies will have standards for engine and body care, as well as cleaning protocols.
  • Safety Features. Inquire about the safety features available on their buses, such as seat belts, GPS tracking systems, and emergency exits.

Professionalism and service

Look at these metrics:

  • Responsiveness. How fast is your communication being returned? Is there a dedicated human contact you can reach? How does the company respond to variables?
  • Drivers. Drivers can add a lot of value to a corporate charter bus trip. They can also take away a lot. Ask about the qualifications and experience of the specific driver(s) the company recommends for your trip.
  • Support. Ask about 24/7 customer support during the trip to address any unforeseen issues or emergencies.


Ask for detailed cost estimates first, then make sure the contract is consistent with the estimate and whatever other agreements have been made.

  • Pricing. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for a line-item breakdown of costs. This includes any additional costs or surcharges.
  • Contracts. Carefully review the contract terms and conditions, including cancellation policies, payment schedules, and any specific requirements or restrictions.


Changes happen. Ask how the charter company would accommodate these types of requests.

  • Corporate signage. Is it possible to mount signage on the bus to reflect your corporate identity?
  • Weather. Ask about flexibility to adjust schedules based on weather.
  • Scheduling. Discuss any flexibility required for pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as adjustments to the itinerary during the trip.
  • Emergencies. In the event of a medical or road emergency, what are the company’s practices?

If you’re planning a trip or just doing research, please feel free to contact us at Lorenz Bus Service for a no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with one of our planning professionals.


Heather Morvari

  • Heather is a Lorenz Bus Service Charter Coordinator and an expert in group and luxury travel.
  • She has extensive technical and operational credentials.
  • In the words of one client, “Heather is passionate about connecting with people. As a result, she has exceptional customer service skills.”