How to make a casino charter bus trip a sure thing

Lorenz Charter Bus to Treasure Island Resort

Things to know before you go

When it comes to great casino options, it could be said that the greater Minneapolis St. Paul region has an embarrassment of riches.

With prominent destinations such as Treasure Island, St. Croix Casino, and Grand Casino, the question is not if to go, but where to go first. Lorenz Bus Service, which has been operating casino charter bus trips for many years, has these insights to offer.

Hitting the highlights

Each casino has unique attractions and amenities, so allow us to summarize the most notable ones.

  • Treasure Island Casino. Located in Welch, Minnesota, Treasure Island is approximately 43 miles from the Twin Cities, and it offers a wide array of gaming options, name-brand live entertainment, fine dining experiences such as Tado Steakhouse, and Minnesota’s 2nd largest hotel. There is also a spa, marina and the Mount Frontenac golf course.
  • St. Croix Casino. Situated in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, St. Croix Casino is about 75 miles from the St Paul metro area. It has a vibrant gaming floor including a sports book, delicious dining options, and occasional live performances.
  • Grand Casino. With locations in Hinckley (80+ miles from Twin Cities) and Mille Lacs (104 miles), Grand Casino offers an extensive selection of gaming opportunities. Entertainment is a blend of local and national acts. Both casinos have many dining choices, lodging options, spas, and golf.

Transportation and logistics

While each casino no doubt will help you coordinate a charter bus trip, it may be better to coordinate through the charter bus company instead.

Why? Simply because the charter bus company will be experienced in optimal pickup and dropoff points, traffic patterns, and the right charter vehicle for your group.

Also, casinos are big, busy places with lots for charter tour groups to do, and your charter bus company may be able to help develop an itinerary to make the most of your time at the casino.

Our suggestion is to choose a charter bus company experienced in casino getaways and start there. Once you’ve established a provider and selected a casino as a destination, then you can contact the casino to see what services they offer tour groups.

Game on: Getting oriented

As we mentioned, if you’re not familiar with casinos, they can be overwhelming at first.

Your charter bus company will establish dropoff and pickup points, but it’s a good idea to consider arranging for casino representatives to provide a brief overview of the gaming floor, highlighting the different gaming options available and offering guidance for novice players.

Some casinos will help you with slot or card tournaments for your passengers, adding excitement and competition to the trip. Restaurant reservations, tickets for entertainment, and other special events can also be coordinated with the casino.

Keeping it healthy

Gaming and casinos in general can be intense experiences that pull people in with lots of options for entertainment.

We think it’s a good idea to make safety a priority for everyone, promote responsible gaming practices, and do what’s possible to ensure participants' well-being.

If you’re planning a trip or just doing research, please feel free to contact us at Lorenz Bus Service for a no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with one of our planning professionals.


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