Charter bus trips for seniors

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Creating a great experience for passengers age 65+

Seniors are known to love travel, especially travel by motor coach.

And for good reasons. It’s often less difficult and less complicated than air travel. It leaves the driving to a professional. It’s safe, and it allows time for rest and relaxation. No wonder senior bus trips – to casinos, tourist destinations, and across the country – are more popular than ever.

But seniors are a special audience with special needs. If you’re planning a charter bus trip involving people age 60+, here are 5 things to keep in mind.

5 tips for creating a charter bus trip for seniors

  1. Know their needs. It’s smart to learn as much as possible about the needs of the group that will be getting on board the bus. Medical needs, special transportation challenges, and mobility issues will make a big impact on your plans, including the type of vehicle and whether it is ADA-lift equipped. Be sure there’s a bathroom onboard and adequate climate control.
  2. Schedule stops to break up long trips. As people age, they may have a harder time sitting for extended periods. Allowing passengers to move around the bus won’t always be enough activity, so be sure to schedule meal breaks and small sightseeing opportunities along the way. Also, be sure your charter bus has comfortable seats.
  3. Keep to a schedule. Try to begin the day on the earlier side and end the day at a reasonable time – at least an hour before dinner if possible. Allow plenty of time when you schedule for people who want to see sights, eat, and enjoy the trip at a more leisurely pace. Schedules can be flexible, but everyone will want to know how to organize their own energies based on the group’s schedule.
  4. Recruit helpers. In any senior charter bus tour group there will be some passengers who are more able-bodied than others. There’s nothing wrong with asking them to help others with luggage, on boarding and off boarding, and finding a friendly place to sit at meal time.
  5. Be ready for anything. The types of emergencies that senior travelers experience include forgotten or lost prescriptions, weather-related hazards such as slipping and falling, and emotional issues such as isolation and alienation. Make sure you have everyone’s emergency contact information, and know where the nearest emergency care centers are during your trip.

If you’re planning a trip or just doing research, please feel free to contact us at Lorenz Bus Service for a no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with one of our professionals.


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