How to choose the right vehicle for a wedding

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When the Big Day comes, it’s nice to know that you have the resources necessary to handle the logistics of wedding day. Transportation.

The variables can seem endless. Out-of-town guest flying and driving in, guests staying in different locations, and getting everyone to the ceremony and then the reception. Not to mention private car service for the bride and groom, larger vehicles for group outings, and budget.

Based on decades of experience in helping engaged couples make their wedding day successful, here are a few thoughts from Lorenz Bus Service.

4 key variables for selecting wedding day vehicles

  1. Number of guests. You can start by looking at the total number of guests who will need or prefer transportation. Then you can see how many bridal party members there are versus “regular” guests, since bridal party members often travel separately and in smaller vehicles. The total number of “regular” guests who will need/prefer transportation on the day of the wedding will require a larger vehicle such as a motor coach, while bridal party members may require a shuttle or limousine. The number of each type of guest will help guide vehicle selection.
  2. Budget. If you have a firm transportation budget number established, start with that. You may be restricted to how many guests you can offer transportation to. But if you know how many people need transportation and what you can spend, you can select the right vehicle(s) and then determine costs.
  3. For the bride and groom. Let’s not forget the two people who made it possible. To make their ride to the reception memorable, choices include various types of limousines and classic cars with features such as leather interiors, minibars, deluxe sound systems, sunroofs, and more. Pointer 1: Make sure there’s adequate room for the bride’s gown. Pointer 2: Remember that the car will probably be in many photographs, so choose one that looks right for the bride and groom and theme of the day.
  4. The company you keep. Try to work with a reputable, local, proven company with lots of experience in handling wedding day logistics. Compare companies, rates, and options. Talk to a representative and ask for advice. The best ones demonstrate their value by being good communicators and offering good choices that solve problems within budget.

If you’re planning a trip or just doing research, please feel free to contact us at Lorenz Bus Service for a no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with one of our professionals.


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