When it comes to group travel, charter buses offer an array of amenities that make them a popular choice for individuals, schools, businesses and other organizations.

From luxurious seating and climate-controlled interiors to modern entertainment systems and on-board bathrooms, charter buses and motor coaches offer an array of amenities to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. Here’s a quick look at the most popular charter bus features.

  • Seating. High-end charter buses come equipped with comfortable and spacious seating. Depending on the size of the bus, passengers can enjoy adjustable reclining seats with leg rests, head rests, arm rests and plenty of legroom.
  • Climate Control. Charter buses are equipped with air-conditioning and heating systems to keep passengers comfortable in any climate. On hot-weather trips, your bus becomes an air-conditioned oasis. On cold-weather trips, it’s a place to be warm and dry.
  • Entertainment Systems. Many charter buses come equipped with modern entertainment systems, such as flat-screen TVs and DVD players, USB outlets, and PA systems for announcements and music. Even though many passengers use their phones for personal entertainment, watching a movie or show together can get people ready for their destination, and give everyone something to talk about.
  • On-Board Bathrooms. Some charter buses come equipped with on-board bathrooms. This feature increases passenger comfort, but it also keeps your trip on time with fewer stops. Plus, anyone who suffers from motion sickness will have a private, sanitary place to recover or freshen up.
  • Wi-Fi. Many charter buses offer free Wi-Fi, which allows passengers to stay connected and entertained during their trip. It’s also an important feature for people who need to stay connected to the office or home. These days, charter bus travel is often shared on social media platforms, for which Wi-fi is essential.
  • Storage. Charter buses are designed with plenty of storage space for luggage and other items. This means passengers can enjoy a clutter-free ride. It also means having the things you need to make your trip what you want it to be: Bicycles, golf clubs, folding chairs, and coolers are just a few examples of bulky items that can add a lot to a trip.
  • Safety. Charter buses are designed for safety and comfort. They are also designed for economy and space efficiency, but passenger safety clearly is priority one. It starts with the engineering of the steel bus frame for strength and stability, but also includes regular maintenance, handrails, seat belts, nonslip steps and dozens of other features. Finally, charter buses have impeccable safety records because they’re regulated by the Department of Transportation, which examines a charter bus company’s drug-testing policies, service records, and driver records. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has some good information on how to “search for safety.”

Reminder: There are many types of charter buses and they range in size as well as amenities. Be sure to shop around and talk to a professional planner at a charter bus company. He or she will be able to give you specific answers about the amenities you need for your trip.

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Heather Morvari

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