Renting a Charter Bus for a School Trip


Lorenz charter bus with cargo doors open

How to navigate your way to a good charter bus decision

The #1 reason school trip planners decide to rent a charter bus for a school trip is consolidation. Hiring a charter bus usually means one vehicle, one group, one trip. Reducing variables means reducing headaches.

For example, when you rent a charter bus or motor coach for a school trip, you don’t need to coordinate multiple forms of transportation. Schedules and arrival times are easier to manage, and you get better overall safety and more manageable risks.

However, there are plenty of variables in the planning of a school trip. So allow us to cover the ones we feel are most important when selecting transportation.

The type of bus you rent

As you probably know, buses come in multiple shapes and sizes. So start with the number of students and adults who are on the trip and use that number to start your search for the right-sized vehicle. Many planners enter this process thinking that a basic K-12 school bus (which seats 47) will work best for a school trip, but we at Lorenz Bus Service encourage customers to consider a luxury bus or motor coach to keep everyone comfortable. “Comfort” doesn’t just mean reclining seats. It also refers to having a restroom, wider aisles, and adequate climate control.

Also, if you have passengers who have special needs, be sure to ask about ADA-accessible buses and special features such as handrails and wider aisles.

Ultimately, the vehicle you choose should be based on the number of passengers, the duration of the trip, any special needs, and how much luggage is being taken along.


Charter buses are the safest form of group travel, for the reasons we outlined above. But you should keep safety front and center throughout your selection process.

Be sure to ask about your charter bus company’s safety record. Be ready to ask about safety training, health practices, maintenance protocols, and other standards the company has for safety. Here’s a safety guide for reference.

Special features and amenities

Everyone knows that kids (and teachers, too) need some distraction and entertainment on bus trips. Ask about Wifi access on board as well as DVD players and electrical outlets. It’s also worth remembering that if students need to do work while on the trip, a luxury bus ride can be a great time to catch up on homework, or sleep (reclining seats make it easy!)

Consider bathrooms to be an essential feature. Ask any bus company you’re considering about onboard toilets, including cleaning practices and procedures. Having a toilet accessible is important for comfort, saving time, privacy, and giving anyone suffering from motion sickness a safe place.

Last but most certainly not least is AC. If your trip is taking place during hot weather, air conditioning can make the difference between a great trip and a tough one.

Your driver

A bus or motor coach driver can be a person who gets you from A to B and back. Or he or she can really add something special to the trip.

When hiring a charter bus company, ask how they fit the driver to the trip. Is the driver good with kids? Is the driver knowledgeable about the destination? Is he or she experienced with sports-related travel, cultural outings, or whatever the focus is of your particular trip? It’s worth the effort to get a good fit with your driver.

If you’re planning a trip or just doing research, please feel free to contact us at Lorenz Bus Service for a no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with one of our professionals.