The hours you spend on a charter bus trip can be fun and interesting or difficult and draining. A lot of that depends on you and how you plan for your trip.

At Lorenz Bus Service we believe in embracing the experience and making the most of it. Here are some ideas for how to do that on a multi-day charter bus excursion.

  1. Do your research. Before you get on your motor coach, know about the area you’ll be travelling to. Look into the top attractions, restaurants, and hotels to get an idea of what’s available. This will help you make informed decisions and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your trip.
  2. Choose the right bus. All we mean by this is to make sure to choose a bus that fits your needs. Consider the size of the bus, the features it offers, and the cost. Also, make sure the bus is clean, safe, and has adequate heat and air conditioning. Last, don’t neglect entertainment features; ask about charter buses with Wifi, DVD players, and electrical outlets on board.
  3. Book accommodations early. As soon as your itinerary is set, lock in your lodging decisions. You’ll be amazed at what a stress-saving tip this is. Also, make sure to research the hotel you’re booking and double-check their cancellation policy.
  4. Choose a driver. Work with the charter bus company you hire to get a driver that’s right for your trip. You want him or her to be experienced and knowledgeable about the area, but think about other attributes you’d want to see in a driver. Maybe you want someone who’s talkative – or maybe the silent type is what you’re looking for. Some drivers may be better with kids than others. Share your details with the charter bus company and see how they respond.
  5. Plan for entertainment. Make sure to plan for entertainment on the bus. Whether it’s music, movies, or games, having something to keep everyone occupied will make the time pass more quickly. Here are some ideas from our friends at Amazon.
  6. Pack wisely. Traveling light is always a good idea but make sure you have enough clothes and supplies for the entire trip. Consider the weather and terrain of your destination, as well as any special items you may need. Here are some of the most important ones:
    • Medications. You’d be surprised how many passengers forget their meds and have to arrange to get them on the road.
    • A neck pillow. Great for avoiding a stiff neck from napping with no support.
    • On-board footwear. Sitting for hours will make your feet swell. Using slip-ons will keep you more comfortable than laced up shoes.
    • Earplugs and a sleeping mask. These two sleep aides can work wonders on board a bus or in a hotel room.
    • Good snacks. Fruit is portable, and GORP – Good Old Raisins and Peanuts – comes in handy.
    • Hand sanitizer. For on the bus and off the bus, at restaurants, hotels, stores, and so forth.
    • Energy drinks. Some believe that water is best and that’s fine. But energy drinks will keep you hydrated and provide calories to keep your energy level up.
    • Headphones. Sometimes you need to listen to music privately or just enjoy quiet time. In either case, headphones are a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Last of all, there’s no shortage of advice on how to get ready for a road trip on a charter bus so please continue to do the research you need to ensure a successful trip.

If you’re planning a trip or just doing research, please feel free to contact us at Lorenz Bus Service for a no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with one of our professionals.


Heather Morvari

  • Heather is a Lorenz Bus Service Charter Coordinator and an expert in group and luxury travel.
  • She has extensive technical and operational credentials.
  • In the words of one client, “Heather is passionate about connecting with people. As a result, she has exceptional customer service skills.”