Ground Transportation For a 5K Color Run

When Run or Dye came to town, we hit our stride.

Getting people to the starting line on time

Run or Dye is a color-run race that came to St. Paul, MN to stage a race on Harriet Island. For anyone not familiar, in a color run race the participants are bombarded with colored powder as they race.

Nearly 12,00 attendees were coming to the event. There was no available parking due to several other events that day.

So the City of St Paul required a parking and transportation plan, which we designed. A fleet of over 50 school buses and transit buses got all the people in place in a several hour period.

Urban planning: Finding 4,500 parking spaces

We knew that nearly 4,500 parking spaces were needed in downtown St. Paul. Our project managers communicated with all nearby parking facilities and found eight that would participate.

This meant obstruction permits, meter hooding, teardrop signage at loading and unloading zones, and on-site supervisors at certain facilities and at the loading zones.

Due to several closed roads, all buses were forced through one intersection. City law enforcement officers took control of the intersection to make sure a bottleneck was not created.

The race is about to begin

At the event site, Lorenz provided 12 on-site supervisors to facilitate loading, unloading, and control traffic within the parking lot.

Lorenz also rented barricades from Highway Technologies to safely queue and control the waiting and loading zones. And, when the race was over and people were covered with colored powder, we cleaned all vehicles to ensure zero damage from the color dye used for the race.