How to Mix Ground Transportation With Scrapbooking

A convention for craft industry professionals required the right layout of motor coach, bus and shuttle services

Creative Memories sells scrapbooking materials

The company meets with their sales and distribution professionals through localized consultants who host parties. Like a Tupperware Party (for those of you who remember), only the products under discussion are scrapbooking supplies.

Imagine 3,500 to 7,000 scrapbook consultants

The annual Showcase convention, where the company teaches its employees and partners about the newest products and strategies, was in Minneapolis, and we were the transportation management company.

From the Airport to 14 Hotels

People arrived at MSP airport over the course of two days. We handled for routing, vehicle allocation and quantity decisions, and frequency decisions based on the flight information provided on a manifest.

Our PMs analyzed all flight arrival and departure times to put together a schedule with wait times 20 minutes or less at each terminal. They left no passenger behind.

Baggage? We can handle it.

At both terminals of MSP airport, we rented kiosks that flashed with Creative Memories messages, and provided over 10 greeters within the terminals.

They played a truly valuable role, walking along the baggage carousel and bringing people to a kiosk where they escorted groups down the escalators, on the tram, and to the buses.

Ten of our staff carried and stored their bags. They even had storage diagrams so that drivers could unload the right bags quickly.

Staff work makes all the difference

Throughout the convention, we provided daily shuttle service between the hotels, 12 hours per day with 6+ transit buses, depending on traffic and the event schedule. Somewhere along the way, we drove 1,000 show attendees to St Cloud, MN for a scrapbooking plant tour.

Thanks for letting us share a great memory. Isn’t that the whole point of scrapbooking?